‘As an old woman living by herself you have to be careful who you let into your home. The Renton Garage Door Repair agents who came to fix my garage door were very professional and courteous. I had no problem letting them into my house. I didn’t feel apprehensive about having strangers enter my home. Instinctively I knew I could trust them.’ – Rosemary T
‘You don’t know the difference a new garage door opener can make until you have one installed by professionals. Take it from me.’ – Sandra Walker
‘I don’t know how to thank Renton Garage Door Repair enough for the great job.’ – Yves F
‘The new door is sturdy and very solid. We love it!’ – Katy and Leroy J
‘Being disabled means I have to have my garage doors done in a certain manner. When I called the service agents from Renton Garage Door Repairs they were very polite and had no queries about helping make sure the garage door was disability friendly. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.’ – Eddie M
‘My wife had gone to visit her family when the new garage door was installed. On her way back she insists she drove past our house twice looking for our old garage! She finally had to call me to come outside to make sure she was at the right house! Who knew a new garage door could have such a profound effect on the outward appearance of a house!’- Mario Lorenzo
‘I am a single mother raising four beautiful children ages 17, 14, 10 and 7. Their father passed away in a tragic car accident a few years back and even though it was difficult for us as a family life had to go on. Long story short, one of the areas of responsibility that I had to take over that I had no expertise in was learning to maintain the garage door. Many thanks go to Renton Garage Door Repair and their technicians who helped me learn the basics of garage doors and how to look after the old garage door until I had enough money to install a new one. Their invaluable advice carried me for three years until I was finally able to afford to have a brand new garage door installed. They installed it last week and it looks great!’ – Judy N
‘What’s not to love about a new garage door? Thank you Renton Garage Door Repairs!’ – Lucy S
‘Dear me, new springs, new opener, new door, my garage has received the make-over it has deserved for many years now!’ – Wendy D
‘Honestly, this was my first time working with garage door experts and I was really impressed by the way the team at Renton Garage Door Repair handled everything. I don’t see myself leaving them anytime soon. I recommend all first timers to work with them.’ – Quinn Lance